PREMA Multi Cashpro EVO

The PREMA Multi Cashpro 1812 EVO teller cash recycler (TCR) is the further development of the tried-and-tested PREMA Multi Cashpro 1812. The PREMA Multi Cashpro 1812 EVO impresses with its elegant, avant-garde design and, being equipped with 12 roll containers, is particularly well suited for the secure handling of two different currencies (CHF and EUR). It is only thanks to its banknote feeding and transporting mechanism, which meets the very highest technical standards, that dual-currency operation of CHF and EUR banknotes, with their very different characteristics, can even be recommended.

The PREMA Multi Cashpro 1812 EVO is designed for use by one or more operators and is outstanding due to its above average holding capacity. Its diverse auxiliary functions simplify the banknote handling at the counter and guarantee an exceptionally high level of availability. The PREMA Multi Cashpro 1812 EVO also includes a banknote counting machine with authenticity verification and reject compartment, which can be used independently of any counter transaction. It is designed as standard for CHF, EUR, USD and GBP.

PREMA has up-to-date online connections to the interfaces of all major providers, such as Avaloq and Finnova.

The PREMA Multi Cashpro EVO is also available with six roll containers (the PREMA Multi Cashpro 1806 EVO) or eight roll containers (the PREMA Multi Cashpro 1808 EVO) and can be retrofitted to have 12 roll containers at any time.