Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, PREMA back office machines for counting and sorting coins are available in various designs – for decades now, they have been considered the premium product in the field of coin handling.

PREMA coin counting machines are robust, of high quality and intelligently designed, and enable the user to precisely count coins, sort coins by denomination and separate any foreign coins in a single step.

Systems from the PREMA 300 series are suitable for counting and sorting coins in back office areas.

Systems from the PREMA 400 series are suitable for counting and sorting coins and are equipped with a second row of coin containers. If necessary, it is possible to repeat the most recent counting and sorting process. Machine type PREMA 401 is specially designed for handling very large quantities of coins in back office areas and in cash centres.

With its Monostop and Stop systems, PREMA caters for customers requiring a single machine to count and sort coins and then wrap them in coin tubes. With Monostop systems, the coins are counted and sorted before being filled into coin tubes. With Stop systems, the coins are counted, sorted by denomination and filled into coin tubes in a single step.

The PREMA Cash Handling Systems range also includes tried-and-tested coin wrapping machines for efficiently wrapping pre-sorted coins in coin rolls. Thanks to their large intake and handling capacity, they are particularly well suited for use in high-value zones and in cash centres.