Business Conduct Guidelines


PREMA GmbH stands by the principle of sustainable development and the consideration of social standards. When planning, developing, producing and selling our products and services, we take into account environmental protection and personal health, as well as the responsible use of natural resources. Every employee is responsible for adhering to our ecological and social stipulations.


The Business Conduct Guidelines make a contribution to safeguarding personal health and the material values of our company on a permanent basis. Furthermore, they are also the basis for the constant improvement of our services in the fields of environmental protection, health management and safety.



Ecological guidelines

We fulfil all legal regulations pertaining to the environment and sustainability. Furthermore, we also endeavour to reduce the consumption of energy and water, and to utilise modes of transport ecologically. Sustainability safeguards the future of our company. We therefore strive to ensure the longest possible service life of the systems and place great value on comprehensive recycling once their service lives have come to an end. We also endeavour to ensure the environmentally-friendly disposal of individual component parts.

When selecting our suppliers we take into consideration criteria including their commitment to the environment. Furthermore, we also strive – wherever possible – to utilise new, advanced technologies that bring with them a reduction in environmental damage.


Social guidelines

We fulfil all legal regulations pertaining to employment law and social standards. Additionally, we also organise working conditions such that our employees can work efficiently, and so that their health, motivation and satisfaction are safeguarded. We also tolerate no intentional discrimination based on origin, race, religion, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age or language within our company.

When selecting suppliers we distance ourselves from child labour in the sense of the UN convention on children’s rights, as well as from forced labour, physical punishment, discrimination, illegal work, corruption and any conduct that may bring wilful harm to the employee.